May 21, 2020 • 23M

2019 Lexus UX 200

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Most car reviews are done from gorgeous places like Barcelona or Santa Monica. Great for curvy roads, but that's not where most folks will really drive their new cars. Instead, you'll drive it to work in a bumper-to-bumper commute. So we decided to make a car review channel that tests new cars in their native environment: traffic. This podcast features the audio from the YouTube video reviews.
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The first thing I noticed about my 2019 Lexus UX was the color. Nori Green Pearl. Usually I don’t notice a color unless it’s a bright orange sports car or something. Car colors are usually so boring. This one is a brilliant, deep, dark green that sucks you in. Nori is a delicious type of Japanese edible seaweed and it’s perfect for this color. We’re off to a good start, little Lexus.

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