My favorite truck, sports car, SUV, luxury car, and my best of the year. Spoiler: Ford won in three categories.
Using a 350-kilowatt fast charger, the car can slurp up 68 miles worth of range in five minutes or charge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.
A luxury pickup packed with features and outstanding performance... that just happens to be an EV.
Electrifying the Hummer, the gas guzzlingest of all the giant SUV gas guzzlers, is as absurd as it is ridiculous. And that's precisely why it works.
Black Badge is a stunning but subtle change to the standard Rolls formula, as if anything about these cars can be standardized. 
The Elantra is one of my favorite affordable small cars, whether as a first new car or a commuter special.
If I were a parent, this would be at the very top of my shopping list, far above comparable SUVs and crossovers. And this new Sienna is even better…
Between the reasonable pricing and terrific fuel economy, the CR-V achieves its everyman goals of hauling you and your stuff from Point A to Point B.
If you have a hankering for a sporty European sedan that doesn’t break the bank (or show too much flash), Volkswagen has an Arteon for you.
Ford has taken the best-selling vehicle in the country and created a Built Ford Tough EV version.
The automotive equivalent of an understated luxury wristwatch. If you know, you know.
It's not that the Discovery isn't luxurious or that it isn't capable off-road. It's both, but that's also true of both the Defender and the Range Rover…