I’m Jordan Golson and I’m a professional car journalist. Among other things, that means I get to drive a different car every week and tell you what I think of it.

Yes, this is definitely a dream job, but I still take it seriously! You’ve entrusted me with your time and in return I give you my honest thoughts on every car I test.

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Where else can I read your work?

I write about transportation and technology for Inverse. I’m also on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


For some pieces, automakers cover airfare, food and lodging so I can test cars on location as it’s much cheaper to fly me to a car than the other way around. I also get multi-day loans of vehicles to review them in everyday life.

My reviews and opinions are my own, and I do not allow them to be influenced by carmakers no matter how many oysters they feed me. I am fully independent and that’s why I depend on your support to grow.

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Jordan Golson
Transportation Reporter for Inverse; YouTube: Two Guys In Traffic; TikTok. Other bylines: PopMech, WIRED, PopSci, The Verge, Bild, Auto Express.